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Call_Operator_9301550_SUrban Forest Tree Care, Inc. feels that it is important to give each of our customer’s individual attention and respect.

We offer FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATES for each job so that it is customized to your needs and wants. Please call us at 602-808-7781 or click here to contact us by email.

We also offer these additional services:

Tree Care:

  • Yard Review by our Consulting Arborist will look at each tree in your yard and make recommendations on the proper care and service it needs.
  • Customized Maintenance Plan for the continuous health and beauty of your trees.
  • Tree Inventory with Map and Analysis Report for Homeowner Associations and Property Management Companies. The map will pinpoint the location of each tree and correlate with a detailed spreadsheet that identifies the trees with our Arborist’s recommendations. Each tree will be evaluated and reviewed for its unique needs, priority and price.
  • Certified Arborist Report is a detailed and specific evaluation of your tree’s health. The report will include specific diagnosis and recommendations.

Weed Control:

Our Certified Technicians will evaluate your lawn or desert landscape and make recommendations to help you:

  • Eliminate and prevent annual weeds
  • Identify damaging insects for prevention or control
  • Determine the action needed to recover from lawn diseases
  • Control problems grasses that are not a part of your normal lawn
  • Enhance the color and health of a dull lawn, or help maintain a beautiful lawn with a fertilization program