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Stop Topping Trees!

Millions of trees have been hacked with little or no consideration to their health and structural integrity. People who top trees have yet to recognize that pruning trees, following established industry standards of professionalism, can improve their health, growth and appearance. What happens when trees are topped? Trees maintain a delicate crown-to-root ratio. Topping removes […]

Phoenix Tree Care & Its Importance

The most common misconception in tree care is that trees take care of themselves. The truth is that most trees in yards across America are growing in somewhat unnatural environments, and could use our help to service and flourish. The National Arborist Association identifies the following key practices for optimal tree health. Fertilization of Trees […]

Have You Dressed Up That Tree For The Storm?

It is that time of the year when storms in all shapes and forms are ready to create havoc throughout the country. A big loss is of the tree itself, which was the pride of your garden. One of the greatest dangers posed by storms are presented by trees. Unsafe trees are a threat to […]

Trees Suffer During Prolonged Drought

According to the U.S Season Drought Outlook, while there will be some improvement in the central part of the country, the drought is likely to persist or intensify in the areas- especially in an area centered by the Rocky Mountains- well into the summer months. What can homeowners do to keep their tree healthy during […]

Watering Schedules for Southern Arizona Landscape Plants

Irrigation is an artificial application of water to soil to enable satisfactory plant growth. It’s essential for successful gardening in the desert. The purpose of irrigating is to maintain soil moisture in much manner that normal root development and their vital function is facilitated and water is efficiently and conservatively utilized. Irrigate the entire rooting […]